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Construction of the home was started in the fall of 1797 and was completed in spring of 1798. The materials were all locally sourced and the main part of the home is primarily built from Jersey Iron Stone, Black Walnut, White Oak, and Eastern White Pine. The homestead was originally over 150 acres boasting sour cherry, sugar maple, peach and apple trees. Over the years the land was sold off and in 1909 it was sold as a 90 acre parcel to Arthur Leeds Richie. The homestead was renamed Sunny Slope Farm and continued to produce sour cherries, peaches and apples. In the coming years, Arthur's son, Jo Shea Sharpless Richie, took over the farm and Arthur and Bertha retired to Florida. Jo Shea continued to run the farm but in 1958, sold it to a developer and many of the other farms in the area followed suit. What stands currently is almost 1 acre of land and the original home with all of the subsequent additions. The neighborhood that was developed on the original parcel is a highly sought after area with wonderful neighbors, top ranked schools, and many parks within walking distance. 

The home went under a complete renovation in 2019-2020 and was reconstructed with many of the locally sourced materials in the area. You will find black walnut, eastern white pine, and white oak accents throughout the home. Many of the exposed timbers are reclaimed and original to the home. The parcel was renamed "The Sweetwater Homestead" to pay homage to the remaining sugar maples that still are found throughout the neighborhood. 

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